Righting a few wrongs

I notice in a few blogs i follow information placed there is some times incorrect and my friendly attempts to put the right info there leads to me put on moderation so its easier to do on my own

So lets start with


the last post was a welcome break from running down every thing second  life has to offer called


while the majority of the post is informative the main error comes with this statement

(It also had a secret. While other tanks made use of levers and bars to control motion and took an average of six months to train a man to drive the Sherman had a steering wheel, a pedal for breaking,a pedal for accelerating, a clutch and one simple gear level, arranged as you might find on a car. Basically if you could drive a car you could drive a Sherman.)

i replied to it correcting the error and mal replies posting a gyayo link picture of what is supposed to be the driving compartment of a sherman tankhttps://gyazo.com/836b61f4d98605513abe04f6a1d94fd8

sadly its not the picture shows the driving compartment of a tiger 1 tank (link here showing this )  http://weaponsman.com/?p=22319

The sherman tank has always had steering levers not a wheel, basically the same chassis/gearbox used from previous M3 grant/lee tank,so saving production costs and making of new jigs etc


the above picture is the sherman driving position that never changed from the first production model right up until the last M74 arv`s were built in the early fifties,my real life work is restoring ex military vehicles and tanks , shermans in various guises included so i have a vast knowledge on this subject

#9 The Crew And Their Stations: The Human Part Of The Tank, How They Lived, Worked, And Fought

Also the part about the panzerIV  requiring extensive mods to cope with bad terrain is not true, the panzer IV was the germans equivelent of the sherman but with a much more capable main gun out ranging the allied 75mm by a long distance,not surpassed until the british fitted the 17 pounder gun in the sherman firefly that could engage any axis tank on equal terms

Next we move to Second life Airmenship next with the page on the B17 flying fortress

(Than why put more than one engine on a plane ?

Let’s use the B-17 as an example 17 used 4 Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet engines at 525 HP each for a total of 2100 HP a single engine that delivered that power was not available at the cost needed to be charged for the bombers so 4 smaller more economical engines were used to total the needed 2100 HP and for the inconvenience and extra danger of having multiple engines a little extra power was added   (for example 4,  500 HP engines would have been enough)  The sort loose one engine your probably  fine if you are a good pilot but  loose two it is time to think about an emergency landing)

for some one that is a historian and knows plenty about aircraft a bit of knowledge should be gained before writing an article

The B17  used Wright R-1820 Cyclone 9 engines of 1200hp each not P&W hornets as stated above and as for fitting one large engine had it have been cheap enough ,would love to see the size of prop needed to gain sufficient thrust . During the war B17`s quite often came back from raids with two engines out and landed safely in majority of cases ,all down to pilot skills

Righting a few wrongs

Drover`s Aviation

Today we`ll take time to look at another upcoming aircraft builder here in second life.

Text here is from tanijade the creator  giving you her complete history

when i started in SL in 2013, i began building a small farm building with scripted doors and windows.
Later, at the beginning of 2014, i started experimenting with prim based aircraft, the V1, V2 and V3. Meanwhile i left SL and gave Inworldz a try, there i did most of my learning and building. I created prim hair, experimented with avatar skins and shapes, and did a lot of scripting. The guys from Abraxus Academy did a great job.



My prim based aircraft did not sell, so i learned Blender and made my first mesh aircraft until mid 2014, including my first version of the tiger moth. Also the Hawk and Falcon were created in this era.




After no success in Inworldz, i returned to SL in the beginning of 2015 and recreated the Tiger Moth from scratch, using what i have learned meanwhile, and with help from Aquila Kytori on the Beta Server who gave me lots of usable hints on Blender. After the mesh layout was finished, i got lots of help from Betty Tureaud on the scripting of aircraft in SL, she also acted as a test pilot until the final version was finished.

In mid 2015, i finally got success and sold enough Tiger Moths to pay the rent for my shop. End of may, after a break created by RL, i gave up the shop , and created a new one in an airfield hangar at Squires Airport.


drovers also have a new twin engined aircraft she is in the process of building, the

SAI KZ-IV,A single machine, registered OY-DIZ, was built during the war, with a second aircraft registered OY-DZU being built and flown in 1949. That same year, the OY-DIZ was christened with the name Folke Bernadotte in honour of the Swedish count who had used this very aircraft to make a diplomatic visit to Germany to negotiate for the release of Danish prisoners in German concentration camps near the end of the war. This aircraft is now the “flagship” of the Danmarks Flymuseum collection, having been restored to its original wartime configuration and markings following a career as a utility aircraft in England and a crash in 1979. The second aircraft was actively .(content courtesy of wiki)

new build_001.png

You are quite welcome to come view the build progress in her hanger at Squires Gate Airport down on the vintage airfield and fly the tiger moth demo .To me its exciting to see a new creator making very useful planes for SL so come over , have a chat,fly  and support this creator



Drover`s Aviation

another concern with s&w product


Its been brought to my attention about the model MD900 is a downloaded model from this site it shows an MD902  but differences are minimul


All of the similarities were provided for me so owning the MD900 i rechecked and here is how it stands
Seat belts are one give away, why would anyone place a red an a black seatbelt over the back of a seat like that by coincidence. They don’t lay in that position naturally (and it’s the only helicopter in S&W range they’ve decided to do that with!

tig md900 5_001.png

Next the instrument layout look at all the different instrument layouts on the same model of helicopter. Chances of picking the same layout? not by luck ,there is a slight difference in the dials on right hand side but switches etc are exactly placed

tig md900_003.png

next tail boom detailing . the strengthening tabs were boom extends out of the fuselage match exactly, chances also of placing in exact same position , zero . tail skid and plate behind exact same on both as are aerials and the notar nozzle

One difference i have found is the rear door opens down rather that outwards to the left but thats a simple change
Ventilation nozzles align to perfectly as do many other fittings

another major give away is a rectangular panel above and to left of pilots seat as you look from the front ,position is oh so perfect . inspecting pictures of a RL MD900 this panel is a safety warning sticker but on both models its been made as a separate panel ,coincidence i think not and neither do my builder sources

tig md900 4_001.png

rotor head detailing is another perfect match and so the list goes on but nothing more needs to be said as all the evidence here so far speaks volumes

As for the wire frame there is a pic with wire frame of rotor blade which matches perfectly again.

first s&w model

tig md900 wire 2.png

second original from site

tig md900 wire1

on the original down load site clicking the 3d button to bottom right of main picture allows you to rotate , zoom in and out and check these bits talked about here


permissions of use are not very clear from the site but the issue here is its being sold as designed and built by a second life builder which its clearly not

another concern with s&w product

Airtractor v2.1

Now certain things have come to light and was assured the item in question was completely rebuilt it was brought to my attention this was not so ,bear in mind this is version 2.1 out now33d89bea4330c2d06865783919e702f1

in the left is version one the right is version 2.1 as you can see some bits are different being the belly tank and aerials and glass in the canopy shows wire frame has changed plus the front fuselage has modified wire cage . this image was shown to 2 different builders ,nether of which make aircraft so we can say neutrality is granted on this after they studied the picture they examined the 2 items side by side , v1 and v2.1 and straight away agreed its the same model then showing me what process and and even to what program they used to do it( link to bigger picture you can enlarge)



http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Manual/Modifiers/Generate/Decimate   .  this is an add on to blender and reduces the number of vertices and thus lowering land impact and would have changed the shape of belly tank thus customers finding original textures were not fitting

here is v2.1



here v1


there you can clearly see the major differences v1 having the tighter spaced vertices plus LI higher , v2.1 you see spaced out wire cage  thus having lower LI on the fuselage but wait , look at the wings , wire frame is exactly the same and both mesh builders have assured me that to rebuild it all in the time i was told is an impossible task explaining why only certain parts were altered not rebuilt . so from being assured that it was rebuilt completely that was not the truth and also to customers and group members have been deceived about it

as it stands now it is still an uploaded mesh model that should not be used for commercial gain as stated in the license on original site

There is a moral to this and the outcome could have been in the creators favor by coming clean with it when the update was released i would or others who informed me would not have picked up on it but would have the  praised the creator for being honest


Airtractor v2.1

Hypocrisy of certain builders in SL

After recent spats on a certain group in sl about mesh model theft and the attitude being shown by owner of said group  i think its time to bring some truths about the whiter than white creator . This stems around the release of the Air tractor . i quite frequently search through whats new on the 3d sites looking at whats new and remember coming across this

div--div class=


so it got my mind going and decided to investigate further so the air tractor is free to download but NOT for commercial usage “ie” selling for profit took it to blender to get the wire frame map,first is the one on sale in second life , second pic is the original 3d model. make your own minds up but wire frames have a habit of being right


RLw7nTM tigs modellmthEJQ original model

Hypocrisy of certain builders in SL